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Govstack CMS v1.2.0 Release Notes

Hello Govstackers!

We are pleased to announce that Govstack version 1.2.0 is coming to you soon!

Product: Govstack CMS

Release category: Standard Production Release

Release number: 1.2.0

Release window details

During the release window, the Govstack CMS will experience a brief outage. We recommend you save all work prior to the release window, and avoid making edits during this time.

Please be advised that this will be a staggered release. You will be sent an email in advance to let you know what date and time the release will be rolled out to your website.

Key Improvements

Here's a summary of what's being included in this release:

Media Uploads

  • You can now upload files as large as 150MB (raised from a 30MB limit), giving you more flexibility to manage your media content.

Search Engine Optimization

  • We've implemented some changes to boost your website's search engine visibility. You'll now find redirects in place for your XML Sitemap and Robots file:
    • “/sitemap-xml/” URL redirects to “/Sitemap.xml”
    • “/robots-txt/” URL redirects to “/Robots.txt”


  • Your website's appearance matters, and we've made several updates to enhance your branding, improve how your site looks on various devices, and ensure better accessibility for all your visitors.

Bug Fixes

News Listing

  • Now, when you specify an aspect ratio using the “Listing Image Style” setting, the image thumbnail will be displayed just the way you want it.

News RSS Feed

  • Hyperlinks in the RSS feed now correctly link to individual news articles.

Contact Directory

  • We've tidied up the public-facing side of your website. Empty links will no longer appear when "Email" and "Location Text" fields are left empty for a contact.

Header Navigation

  • If you choose a transparent header in the theme settings, it won't get in the way of your alert bars anymore.

Sub Navigation

  • Navigating through menus is smoother now. The "View Full Menu" and "Close Full Menu" links on the right-side sub navigation are working as they should.

Save & Preview

  • The "save & preview" feature now works for users who are part of 12 or more user groups.

Sitemap XML

  • We've decluttered your XML sitemap to focus on what matters most. The following items will no longer appear:
    • Alerts Folder
    • Parsers Folder
    • Custom Integrations node
    • Search Engine Configurations
    • News Authors
    • News Categories Folder
    • Contacts List Folder
    • Contacts Categories folder

Learn more

For any questions on the update or for more information on the product, please visit our Learning Centre or contact our support team. Thank you for your ongoing support of Govstack!


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