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Govstack lets you create workflows that allow you to use multi-level approval processes to monitor and maintain the content on your website. Learn how to build approval groups, multi-stage workflows, content review schedules, and maintain your website workflow settings to effectively present content using a centralized governance tool.

Note: Some feature of the workflow tool are limited by license. If you would like to extend your workflow license please contact your GHD Digital Account Executive.

Create approval groups and webpage workflows

Learn how to create an approval group that can be used to build single or multi-level user workflows.

Approving workflows and requesting approval

Learn how to approve workflows to make the best use of the website governance and communication tools.

Request approval as a website user to help maintain the consistency and messaging of your website.

Content reviews

Create content reviews to make sure that pages are always kept up-to-date and team members are informed automatically when attention is required.

Workflow reports and history

Learn how to use the history tools to understand when and how pages are being reviewed and approved.

Settings and notifications

Set up your workflow settings and notifications to make sure that they are customized to the needs of your organization.


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