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Welcome Dashboard

After logging in to the Govstack content management system's (CMS) back office, you will be brought to Govstack's Welcome Dashboard. This page provides important tools and insights on several key features within your website, including:

  • Your recent activity
  • All recent activity
  • Site overview and account details

You can access and return to the Welcome Dashboard by selecting the grid icon at the top left of the Govstack back office and then choosing 'CMS' from the available options.

Your recent activity

In the Welcome Dashboard, you can view your recent activity, such as pages you have recently created, saved, published, rolled back or deleted. You can select the page update to be taken directly to that page.

All recent activity

You can review the most recent activity performed by all back office users under the 'Recent activities' heading. The update provides the page, the page's status modification, the user that made the modification and the time and date of the change.

Select the page update to be taken to that page directly, or if you would like to view updates made further in the past, you can view page versions by selecting 'Info' in your page menu.

Pending content

Select the 'Pending content' heading to view all updates that have been made to content pages, but that have not been published. You can select the pending content to be taken directly to that page. If you're happy with the content updates, you can save and publish the page.

Site overview

Your Welcome Dashboard also features a content overview of your website, including:

  • The number of content items published
  • The content items in your recycle bin
  • The number of members on the site
  • The number of new members in the last week

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