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Products - Events

Designed for public sector events

Better collaboration

Create multiple calendars and aggregate in a single master view to better collaborate and organize your communications for events and council calendars.

Increase participation

Promote events through calendar email subscriptions to help boost resident participation and registration.

Strengthen community

Create a sense of belonging by promoting events across different cultures to bring your community together.


Add calendars

Manage and post events across multiple calendars, easily map fields by importing directly from Excel and create customized fields and permissions. 

Event subscriptions

Allows users to subscribe to events and calendars. Subscribers receive an automatic email update any time the event or calendar they've subscribed to has changed.

Add or edit an event

Enhance your collaboration through user management and permissions. Employees, members of the public and calendar administrators can all add events.


Residents and staff can submit an event to be approved by the calendar administrators for the public calendar. An email notification will be sent to the administrator to promote them of a pending approval request.

Event list

Access all your calendar events in one central place using Govstack Events. Locate events quickly and with relative ease by searching keywords, calendar, event or submission dates or event status.

Public submissions

Govstack Events allows residents to submit their events. These events are forwarded to the site administrator for review and approval. 

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Maximize your event promotion


Centralize events so residents can easily find out what’s happening in the community
Allow residents to subscribe to regularly occurring events
Make it easy for residents to register online and receive notifications and updates
Give residents the ability to upload events to their personal calendars
Promote events on social media platforms so residents can find and share information 

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