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Why Govstack

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We connect public sector organizations to their community

Why Govstack®?

Online service delivery

70% of North Americans prefer online access for government services to phone calls or in-person visits.


Cost reduction

Online service delivery reduces cost-of-service inquiries by as much as 98%. 


Workforce optimization

1 in 5 workers in the labor market are close to retirement age - governments need to do more with less to optimize their personnel.


Easy, non-technical control

Govstack provides full, easy content management control without the need for developers.

The Govstack advantage

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Dynamic and scalable platform

Your organization and the needs of your community are always changing. Govstack gives you the flexibility to expand as your needs and budgets grow. Start building the digital future you need today.

  • Compelling websites to enhance your city's brand
  • Simple, non-technical site control
  • Cost reduction for city services
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Power with one password

Increase efficiency and centralize your systems on a single platform to deliver city services to your residents through secure, single sign-on (SSO) access.

  • Uptime and reliability of software
  • Security and accessibility complaint
  • Easy integration with third party applications


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Communicate from a single platform

Your communication team can provide up to date information to your residents from a centralized platform to better optimize messages regarding events, recreation programs, service disruptions, news and notices.

  • Flexible content management and design layouts
  • Banner alerts and email notifications
  • Centralized location for cross-collaboration

Transform your organization

Govstack® Products

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Level up.
With performance.

Hosting and services

The demand for a cloud-based infrastructure is growing across all industries because it provides greater scalability, reliability and security.

Govstack is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment and admirably meets those demands. Azure adheres to a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.

We maintain a rigorous information security program that includes documented security procedures and guidelines, and a continuous vulnerability management protocol.

Dynamic infrastructure that scales and responds to traffic with encryption that provides bank grade security on all transactions
Data backup procedures that meet your retention requirements
99.95% guaranteed with 24/7/365 monitoring
Advanced security features equip Govstack security teams to ensure customer data is always protected: Windows Defender, Security Center, and Sentinel

Leveraging company expertise

Behind the leading Govstack® platform is a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from our years of working with public sector organizations. Together we help customers digitally transform their businesses, unlock innovation, and enhance the lives of their residents. GHD Digital goes above and beyond, enabling public sector organizations to navigate and solve complex challenges with advanced technologies, many of which integrate with Govstack.