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The new online employment application process has tremendously expedited the application submittal process. Submitted applications are sent directly to the HR Manager and have significantly reduced our paper costs. Furthermore, the application review process is now conducted electronically further reducing City costs.

Roberto Hidalgo, Human Resources Manager
City of Lemon Grove

Designed for public sector forms

Save admin time

Manage and review submissions, send automated emails, and automatically process workflows to save the time and effort that it would ordinarily take to review and respond to form submissions.

Ensure accessibility

Govstack Forms is built to comply with accessibility and WCAG 2.0. AA standards to ensure you meet the needs of your community.

Secure your data

Collect data and payments for programs, registrations, applications and services securely. With Govstack Forms, your data is secured with the Microsoft Azure world-class cloud platform.


Variety of question types

Choose from a wide range of question types for your form, such as text fields, checkboxes, data selection and file uploads.

Build question logic

Build smart forms that help you create contingent questions that logically move the user through a process to form completion.


Enable smooth and secure payments through Govstack Forms for a variety of your organization's services.

Comprehensive form library

Get unprecedented access to browse, select and edit from a wide variety of existing and authorized forms developed and used by GHD Digital public sector clients.

Automatic email notifications

Create email notifications to automatically respond to form submissions. Direct notifications to the appropriate staff member as well as the person who submitted the form.

Custom workflows

Create unique workflows to handle complex forms that require approvals from stakeholders during the form creation process to save time and avoid bottlenecks.

Embedded forms

Embed your forms seamlessly into your website's look and feel to improve your navigation.

Review and audit submissions

Collect data through direct responses or Excel reports for simple viewing and reporting.

Responsive design

View and complete responsive forms on any device - desktop, tablet or mobile.

Optimize your services with Govstack Forms



Easy access to services from anywhere, any time

Tailored fields to suit the unique needs of your users

Adaptability to user’s devices

Easy collection and analysis of data to make informed decisions

Reduction in the use of paper to cut costs and impact the environment positively

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