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Create a News Category

In the Govstack content management system (CMS), you can create and maintain News categories. Categories help you organize your posts and you can assign one or more category tags to your news posts.

Each News Category will have its own page in your website, with a listing of its tagged news posts. You can also pull from different News Categories when adding a News Feed to a page in your website.

Members of the public will be able to subscribe to different news categories to receive an alert anytime a new post is added.

Create a News Category

In your left-hand tree menu under the 'Content' tab in the Govstack back office, select and expand the 'News' node. Create a News category by following these steps:

  1. Select "Categories' under 'News' in the Govstack back office
  2. Select the ellipsis ("...") that appears when you hover over Categories
  3. Select 'News Category Page' in the slide-out panel that appears
  4. This will create a new News Category for your website
  5. Enter the name of the News Category's in the 'Enter a name...' field at the top of the Settings tab that appears 
  6. Complete the settings for the News Category's by following our detailed Settings instructions
  7. Complete your News Category's content under the 'Content' tab. Here, you can set up the layout of your News Category, define a heading for your news category (if it is different than the name), and provide an introduction to your News Category that appears on the first page of post listings. The content options are the same as the ones offered in the overall 'News' node
  8. Add any Extra Content, Navigation, SEO and Share and Advanced considerations and functionality to your News Category. The category options are the same as the ones offered in the overall 'News' node
  9. Select 'Save and publish' when you have finished setting up your News Category to complete its creation

Delete a News Category

To delete a News Category:

  1. Select the "Categories' under 'News' in your left-hand tree menu and expand it to view your News Categories
  2. Select the News Category you wish to delete
  3. Select the ellipsis ("...") that appears when you hover over your chosen News Category
  4. Select 'Do something else' in the slide-out panel
  5. Select 'Delete...'.

Govstack will notify you of all items that are tagged with the category or that are linked/depend on the category. Review the list if applicable, and select 'OK' if you are ready to delete the category. Your News Category is now deleted.

Any posts tagged with that category will still be tagged while it is in the 'Recycle Bin'. You can permanently delete the category in your Recycle Bin and/or un-tag each news post.

Assign a News Category to a news post

If you'd like to assign a category to a new news post, follow the instructions provided for adding a news post to your website.

To attribute a News Category to an existing news post:

  1. Navigate to the news post you'd like to edit in the Govstack CMS back office
  2. Under the 'Settings' tab, select 'Add' alongside the 'Post Categories' field
  3. Choose the News Categories you would like to attribute to your news post in the slide-out panel. You can select more than one.
  4. Select 'Submit'
  5. Select 'Save and publish' when you are finished

Subscribe to a News Category

Discover how members of the public can subscribe to a News Category.

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