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Govstack CMS v1.3.0 Release Notes

Hello Govstackers!

We are pleased to announce that Govstack CMS and Platform version 1.3.0 are coming to you soon!

Product: Govstack CMS and Platform

Release window: You will receive an email ahead of time with your release date and 3 hour release window. Please contact your Implementation Specialist if you have further questions.

Release version: 1.3.0

Details: During the release window, your website may experience a brief outage on both the front end and backoffice. We recommend you save all work prior to the release window, and avoid making edits during this time. 

New features and enhancements

This release will see the following updates:

Parks & Facilities module: Paid add-on

We are excited to announce that the Govstack Parks & Facilities module is now available!

  • This module will provide your staff with an efficient way to build and manage a comprehensive database of local parks and recreation facilities on municipal, tourism, and economic development websites
  • Listings can include: park or facility name, address, telephone and fax numbers, website, and schedule
  • All listings include an automatically generated map of the location
  • Residents and visitors can easily find parks and recreation activities in the community based on specific criteria, such as: Location Types, Activities, Amenities and Status

Contact your Account Executive or email for more information.

Cludo search engine

  • Govstack CMS now allows for integration with Cludo Search. Cludo is an intelligent search solution that combines powerful analytics, insights and tools to optimize engagement
  • Cludo uses data collected from visitors' search behaviour to personalize the search experience and provide more targeted content

Contact your Account Executive or email for more information.

Multilingual support

  • All features and functionality has been updated to support content creation in multiple languages
  • Translations for labels and related content can be updated via the CMS dictionary feature, which is accessible from the main menu. You can also find the dictionary feature in the content properties under news, contact directory, and subscriptions

Friendly error page

  • While we strive to keep our CMS problem free, sometimes an error page is temporarily displayed to your website visitors. Now, we will display a friendly error message page with the following copy:

The page your requested is not available
We're unable to display the page you're looking for. We apologize for the current hiccup you're experiencing on our website.

If you're a visitor to this website:
Please contact the website owner and inform them you have received a 500 error on this page.

If you're the owner of this website:
Please contact your hosting provider and inform them you have received a 500 error on this page.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes will be deployed with this release:


  • Now, when you set your website header to enable transparent mode, it won't interfere with any website alert banners you have displayed on your website

News author display

  • When you disable the display of news article authors, they won't display in your newsfeed and article pages

User groups

  • Your users who belong to more than 12 user groups in the CMS will no longer have issues accessing the platform interface to switch to other applications

404 redirects

  • Your custom 404 page will now display in all situations, including when website visitors are directed from your previous website with page file extensions (ex: .html, .aspx, etc.)

Presentation updates

  • We've made various updates to enhance your website's appearance across all devices and screen sizes to ensure a great experience for all your visitors

Learn more

For any questions on the update or for more information on the product, please visit our Learning Centre or contact our support team.

We hope you enjoy these improvements!
Your team at GHD Digital

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