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Govstack Events v2.5.0 Release Notes

Hello Govstackers!

We are pleased to announce that Govstack Events version 2.5.0 is coming to you soon!

Product: Govstack Events

Release window: Thursday, September 21, 2023 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST

Release version: 2.5.0

Details: During the release window, the Events calendar services will experience a brief outage on both the front end and back office. We recommend you save all work prior to the release window, and avoid making edits during this time.

Key Improvements

With this release, the following updates will be deployed:

Event Display

  • You can now display all your events in the simple listing view

Event Administration

  • Your event titles now display in the selected language in all views
  • We've added a filter so you can focus on rejected event submissions only
  • We've fixed the Event search date fields to no longer look like text fields in certain situations
  • The waitlist pending feature is working as expected. Anyone who was on the waitlist that was notified of a vacancy will now display as pending

Event Print-View

  • You will get the complete address, including City, Province/State and Postal Code/Zip Code when printing an event

Recurring Events

  • We've made updates to ensure that your recurring events can be created up to 365 days into the future. The limit on publicly-submitted events has increased to 52 days

User Administration

  • When you set the initial password for new users, it will now be functional on that user's first login


  • We've made various updates to ensure branding and responsive views are consistent across all calendar elements


  • We've made various updates to enhance security

For any questions on the update or for more information on the product, please visit our Learning Centre or contact our support team.


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