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Govstack Forms v2.5.0 Release Notes - October 26, 2023

Hello Govstackers!

We are pleased to announce that Govstack Forms version 2.5.0 is coming to you soon!

Product: Govstack Forms

Release window: Thursday, October 26, 2023 between 10:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST

Release version: 2.5.0

Details: During the release window, there will be a period of 5-10 minutes in which all Forms services will be unavailable. We recommend saving all work prior to the release window.

Key improvements

This release will see the following updates:

Form responses export

  • We've made it easier to export only partial responses when filtering your form's data
  • When you export form responses to a CSV file, the full address of the respondent will be included

Form printing

  • When you print forms they will now default to letter size, so they won't appear smaller than expected


  • Our audit trail keeps track of when responses are deleted and which user deleted them

Approval workflow

  • You can now add new approvers even after the approval process has started
  • We've made revisions easier! You'll now find 'Delete' and 'Cancel' options for revisions under the approval history tab

Administrative fields

  • When filling out administrative fields, you will have to complete all required answers before submission
  • You can customize email notifications to exclude responses to administrative fields

Help text for questions

  • To make the helpful text on questions more user-friendly, the helpful text will stay visible for 5 seconds after moving your mouse cursor away

Cost calculations

  • We've made corrections so now when you calculate costs based on panel values, you can trust that the total will be accurate

Fillable PDF generation

  • All fields are available for easy population using answer tokens when exporting form responses to a fillable PDF

PDF email attachments

  • PDFs sent to submitters via email are no longer editable
  • The checkboxes in PDF attachments will reflect the values selected in the online form

Print to PDF

  • The 'Print to PDF' feature now works seamlessly with panel-type questions using tokens

Delayed email service

  • You can specify a delay for sending email confirmations after form submission and it will work as expected

Presentation and accessibility

  • We've made various updates to enhance your website's appearance and accessibility on different devices to ensure a great experience for all your visitors

Learn more

For any questions on the update or for more information on the product, please visit our Learning Centre or contact our support team.

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