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Streamlining Local Business Discovery with Govstack Business Directory

Get ready to experience a smarter, more streamlined way to connect with your community!

Govstack has added Business Directory to the platform to provide our clients with even more value and enable them to offer a seamless and comprehensive search experience for residents and businesses alike.


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Effortless Setup, Impressive Results

Say goodbye to time-consuming configuration and data entry. The Business Directory comes preloaded with default sectors, areas of service, and amenities, eliminating the need for manual setup. Municipalities can further leverage configurable prefilled sectors, allowing you to curate the directory to match your community's unique offerings. This plug-and-play approach ensures you're up and running in no time, providing immediate value to municipalities, residents, and local businesses.

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Designed for Simplicity, Built for Efficiency

Navigating the directory is a hassle-free delight. The modern interface integrates seamlessly with your existing Govstack CMS, offering a familiar and user-friendly environment. Residents and administrators can effortlessly conduct multiple searches, filter by specific criteria, and find what they're looking for, all within the platform. No more juggling multiple tabs or struggling with confusing layouts – the directory brings everything you need together in one intuitive space.

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Data Management Simplified

Keeping information accurate and up-to-date is crucial. The Govstack Business Directory empowers you with intuitive back-office filtering and effortless import and update options. Businesses can easily upload information through a convenient CSV form, ensuring smooth data management and reducing the burden on administrators.

Beyond a Directory: Unveiling New Horizons

The Business Directory is constantly evolving, with exciting features on the horizon:

  • Gather statistical insights: You will be able to capture information on the health and performance of businesses in your community for more accurate reporting and economic forecasting and obtain valuable information about your local businesses such as their sizes and the number of individuals they employ.
  • Empowering Business Owners: Business owners will soon have dedicated tools to manage their listings, update information, and showcase their offerings more effectively.
  • Direct Connections: Residents will be able to connect directly with businesses right on the municipality's website, fostering local engagement and communication.

More Than Just a Directory

The Govstack Business Directory is more than just a list of local businesses. It's a powerful tool that allows municipalities to connect residents to their community, empowers businesses to thrive, and fuels economic growth.

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